Nova Prospects Allliance

Welcome to NOVAP we are an alliance based around NPSI activities in both PVP and PVE.

Our ship requirements are much more accessible by newer players aswell allowing more people to get involved, with DPS ships being able to realistically function on Alpha Accounts.

What We Do:


Start of by reading the Rookie Guide and then following up with reading the various other guides that are relevant to the role you wish to play in the fleets.

Another guide we suggest is the one at our sister site Eve Rookies Pre Incursion Fleet Checklist

All the information for our in-game channel will be given during the Rookie Guide and we use the Eve Rookies Discord for incursions voice comms.

What fits do you accept?

Please login via the Eve Login button on the right side of the website =========>

Once logged in you will be able to visit our Fittings page to view all the fittings.

Where should I stage my ships?

This is a difficult question as we do not know where the spawns will be until they happen.

Generally a good rule of thumb since the changes to the route from Jita > Amarr being extended with the removal of the Niarja jump gates, is to keep a duplicate ship of your choice in both Amarr and Jita along with jump clones in each allowing you to jump and ship up easily to most spawns while reducing the travel time required.

Check our in-game channel “Eve Rookies Incursions” to find out where the current dock-up is.

What happens if I die?

We have SRP in place for if your ship dies due to FC error, this means if the FC makes a mistake that causes you to lose your ship then you will be giving ISK to replace the ship.

To be covered for SRP you are required to make a daily payment to our SRP Corporation [Eve Rookies] (in the Nova Prospects Alliance).

Examples (but not limited to) of SRPable loss:

  • FC Error (sometimes FCs mess up)
  • Logi Error

Examples (but not limited to) of non-SRPable loss:

  • Failure to broadcast on time
  • Taking a gate without FC permission (called “leeroying”)
  • Being CONCORDed (Please make sure your safety is set to green)
  • Having a killright or wardec (please take care of those before joining fleet)

Full details of how the SRP system works can be found in the Rookie Guide.


We go on a variety of NPSI PVP fleets along with taking out our own small gang PVP fleets.

Bombers Bar Discord

F.U.N. INC Discord

Our Discord

Our In-game Channel: Soul Calibur Pub

Hole Fleets (where we run small gang wormhole exploration)
Yeet Fleets (where we filament to null sec and roam)
ESS Fleets (where we filament to null sec and steal ess to get fights)
HS Ganking (where we gank folks in high sec (vouch only))
Small Scale WH Evictions (where we tramp in other peoples wormholes and evict them (vouch only))