Travel Between Incursions


Most of the times when people talk about losing ships in high-sec incursions this is due to being ganked, 9/10 of these losses are due to the face that the pilot is AFK or not paying attention to the game.
If a ganker sees a shiny faction battleship sitting in space on a gate or warping at 15km to then slowburn towards teh gate they will mark you as a target and then attack.
Gankers are capable of planning in advance and are extremely experienced in judging general routes, even from incursion to incursion.
It doesn’t take a genius ganker to figure out where you are heading when they look in there Agency and see incursions near by.


Every time we have a new move up, I check my possibilities of routes.
This is only really concerning going from Amarr to Minmatar space, but there is generally a route that goes through Devoid that is probably the most quiet route known in eve, and it only adds 3-8 jumps most of the time.

Anyway, point being, check your routes, check what time of day it is.

The anti ganking channels in-game are a great place to find out more information about heavy ganking systems or simply check The Zkill Gank Section.

The above 2 tips will help you avoid losing your ship to gankers 99% of the time, most will not even change there fits.
But to be extra safe and cover the other 1% of those times keep going with the following tips:


If you decide you are going to refit to give your self more tank you should refit to have a hull tank, the most cost effective way to brick tank your ship is to simply fill your low slots with Reinforced Bulkheads and a Damage Control Unit II.

This alone will put most gankers off when they ship scan your ship as it will require a huge amount of additional ganking ships to allow them to break you before they get blapped by Concorde.


Refitting your ship with any of these moduels is just a complete and utter waste of time, there are plenty of stories from pilots claiming their battleships can go into warp in 4 seconds, amazing until you get locked by a sub 2 second locking ceptor/tackle ship.

If they see you with warp core stabs on your ship they will just long in more day 1 suicide tackle ships to hold you down.


The safest and most practical way to move your incursion running ships around New Eden is in a Bowhead.

Why put your expensive faction battleship inside another expensive ship?

The bowhead has over 500k EHP if the fit is done right that will require 40-50 ganking Catalysts to take it down or around 25 ganking Talos. So the cost effectiveness of it becomes a lot less likely for them to want to try.

If you are interested in a bowhead fit ask in our in-game public channel and I’m sure someone will link you a suitable fit.

Make sure you have a MWD to allow your self to MWD trick into warp massively reducing your time to initiate your warp due to increase/decrease in speed allowing you to effectively warp in a much shorter time.

Setup your mid slots in your high slots, hit warp, activate MWD, turn on Invul 1, turn on Invul 2, Turn off MWD, enter warp.


Use an alt to scout ahead of your route to see if there is an excessive amount of known gankers in the systems ahead of you this is a clear indication that some thing is about to go down.


If you are still really concerned about getting your ships into warp you can make use of an alt or a friend that you activate a duel with (make sure you don’t accept any one else’s duel requests, our rookie guide talks you through turning this off) or use friendly fire within your corporation (where applicable) to web your ship into warp faster, this is especially useful for freighters/bowheads.