Incursion Guide

What are Incursions?

Incursions are automated events in which the NPC faction known as the Sansha’s Nation invade space in an attempt to conquer it for themselves.

These are known as focuses (one constellation) and in these focuses you have several systems that contain different sites.

They were implemented on January the 25th on 2011 and have been here for 5 years already.
You get a quick introduction in the EVE Online: Incursion Trailer (video by CCP).
To keep a long story short, a guy named Sansha Kuvakei made a big army and invaded New Eden.
CCP made a new update where players were able to battle the Sansha in a PVE environment and was enabling additional PVP zones within null and low sec.

Below are the sites that we generally run within the community.

Vanguard sites

Thumbnail for version as of 07:36, 15 March 2013Fleet of 10 – 12 pilots (up to 15 in low/null)
2 – 3 logistics needed
Sites take about 5 – 10 minutes

There’s usually three or four vanguard systems per constellation, depending on the size of the constellation. In some of the larger constellations you can have up to six vanguard systems, but they are exceedingly rare. Each system will have up to seven vanguard sites spawned at once and there are three different kind of vanguard sites:

10,395,000 ISK and 1,400 CONCORD LP in highsec for 5 up to 10 people (maximum payout).
9,615,375 ISK and 1,295 CONCORD LP for 11 pilots. 
8,783,775 ISK and 1,183 CONCORD LP for 12 pilots. 
7,900,200 ISK and 1,064 CONCORD LP for 13 pilots.
15,000,000 ISK and 2,000 CONCORD LP in low- and nullsec for 5 up to 15 people (maximum payout).

Additional information:

  • Strong focus on handling smaller, faster enemies as these sites feature a lot of frigates and cruisers.

Assault sites

Assault sitesFleet of 20 – 21 pilots (up to 30 in low/null)
3 – 4 logistics needed
5 – 10 snipers needed
4 – 5 command ships/strategic cruisers (optional)
Sites take about 10 – 20 minutes

There are usually one or two assault systems in a constellation but depending on the size of the constellation it can have as many as three assault systems. Each system can have up to five assault sites spawned at once. The assault sites are as follows:

18,200,000 ISK and 3,500 CONCORD LP in highsec for up to 20 people (maximum payout).
16,835,000 ISK and 3,238 CONCORD LP for 21 people.
15,379,000 ISK and 2,958 CONCORD LP for 22 people.
26,000,000 ISK and 5,000 CONCORD LP for low- and nullsec for up to 30 people (maximum payout).

Additional information:

  • Strong focus on larger ships, range capabilities and being able to handle energy neutralization.
  • Utility energy transfers needs to be available (often provided by Basilisk pilots).
  • Snipers will need to be able to lock up to 120km and apply good damage.
  • The Nation Consolidation Network sites split the fleet with medium-sized ships (battlecruisers, command ships, strategic cruisers, heavy assault ships etc) on one side, battleship-sized ships on the other (logistics and battlecruiser sized ships can go to either side). If you avoid that site there is no need for cruiser-sized ships in your fleet.
  • The Overwhelmed Civilian Facility site can be done without any snipers, if need be.

Incursions are able to last up to 8 days, this is theoretically though. All incursion focuses go through 3 stages. Established (After that, the boss is spotted), Mobilized and Withdrawing. 

If a focus is killed during any of these stages after the boss is spotted, a new incursion will spawn within the next 12 to 36 hours, although there have been sightings that it lasted more than 36 hours.

  • Incursion is Established (up to 5 days) – Established is the first stage of a focus. This means that the Sansha forces are trying to take control of system. The focus spawns with 100% influence and people can start grinding this down to 0. Once it reaches 0 the Mothership site will spawn.
  • Incursion is Mobilized (2 days) – This is the second stage and it has been around for a while now. It can last for 48 hours, unless someone runs the mom site.
  • Incursion is Withdrawing (1 day) – The incursion is ending and the Sansha are withdrawing, If the Mothership site, or mom site, is not done within 24 hours, the site will disappear and no one will get their Concord LP payout.