NPI Rookie Guide


Welcome to Nova Prospects Incursions! We are very happy that you are interested in running incursions with us, but as you might expect, you must know a few things before joining our fleets.
Please read this guide thoroughly and verify everything is properly set up before attempting to join one of our fleets.

Nova Prospects Incursions Channel

Our channel is the main base of operations and the central hub for our community.

Joining Channel

If you are not already in the Nova Prospects Incursions in-game channel you will need to join it!

In order to join a channel your not already a member, you must open your channels menu.

If it is not already on your neocom, you will find this by opening the Eve Settings Menu (Giant E above your character portrait) and then navigating the menus to Social and then Channels.
Once the Menu has opened, simply type “Nova Prospects Incursions” into the text box and click join.

NPI Requirements

Nova Prospects Incursions is a new player friendly environment. Therefore we ask that you to not talk about politics, religion or other sensitive topics in our channel.
If you simply follow our #1 Rule: DON’T BE A DICK, you won’t have any issues.

Message of the Day (MotD)

The Nova Prospects Incursions Chat MotD is a source of the majority of the information you will need.

  • At the top, you will find important links for NPI.
  • Below those links, you will find a list of NPI’s current leadership, officers, and active founders.
  • Links to our rookie guides (what your reading now).
  • Overview and Broadcast Settings (optional save your own setup first to revert if needed).
  • Then we have the current location of the fleet.
    • Incursion states the constellation we are staging in.
    • HQ states which system is the HQ incursion system
    • Dock-up states which NPC Station you should dock in during this incursion. Note that this dock-up is the closest station to the HQ system, most of the time in the HQ system, but sometimes it is one or two jumps away when the HQ system doesn’t have an NPC Station.
  • Status states the current status of the fleet. When set to Forming or Running, the fleet is actively seeking new pilots!

If you ever happen to lose track of the information in any MOTD you can always refresh it by clicking the cog/gear icon (in your channel window) -> click Reload MOTD (the very first option).


Before joining a Filament Squad Fleet you should change a few settings that aren’t set by default.


CSPA is a mandatory isk charge to any pilot attempting to contact you, either by private conversations, mail, or fleet invites. This is an attempt by CCP to prevent spam to new players. By default, this is set to 0 Isk (it used to be 2,950 Isk), but we still need you to verify it is 0 Isk.
Fleet Commanders will not invite you to fleet unless CSPA is 0 Isk in the mail settings.

Make sure CSPA Charge is set to “0”

Overview Settings/Broadcast Settings

There are a variety of items that you need on your overview including “Tags” and a way to view the rats without seeing fleet members etc.

We suggest that you make use of the Overview and Broadcast settings provided in the MOTD of the channel, but you are welcome to use your own as long as you are confident that it is setup correctly.

An efficient form of communication that our Fleet Commanders use are tags, to show which targets to shoot. By default, this column on your overview is not visible. To add the column, open your overview settings and navigate to the columns tab. Check the Tag column and drag it towards the top.

The following items are required as part of your overview settings:

  • Sansha ships are listed under NPC > Pirate NPC
  • Incursion sites are listed under Celestial > Beacon

Before joining one of our fleets there are certain settings in your fleet broadcast window that need to be set up.

The following items are required as part of your broadcast settings:

To change broadcast settings you will need to be in a fleet. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on your own name in a chat channel and select “Form fleet with…” This will create a fleet with only you in it.

Once in a fleet, click on fleet settings and then navigate down to broadcast settings. In this menu, ensure that the following broadcasts are checked: Need Capacitor, Target, Warp to, Align to, Need Shield, and In Position at. Any other broadcasts you want to see you can check as well, but these should be the minimum.

It is recommended to colour code the broadcasts as well to make it easier to differentiate between the various broadcasts.

Finally, back on the Fleet window, at the very bottom, you should see a row of broadcast buttons.
If you do not see these buttons, be sure to click the two small arrows in the bottom right of the window.
Once the window is expanded there will be a symbol in the bottom right corner.
This should be arrows pointing in all four directions that when the cursor is hovered over displays “Scope: Everyone.
If this is not the case, left click on it until it is.
When in the fleet you will be able to broadcast and make sure others see it to confirm your settings for your scope are setup correctly.

Audio Alerts

We highly suggest that you set up Audio Alerts for your ship.
These alarms are not to be relied on but may save your ship if you become distracted while in fleet.

To set up your audio alerts, open up the settings menu in the bottom right hand corner of your HUD and click on “Configure Ship Health Alert Settings.” In this menu, set your shield alarm to 95% (any higher and it might bug and not sound) and your capacitor alarm to 30%.

Safety and Duel Settings

Nova Prospects Incursion Pilots are doing a wide variety of things in EVE when they are not flying with us.
Therefore it is very important that our pilots ensure that their safety settings are always set to Green (enabled) whenever they join our fleets. There have been many instances where pilots have forgotten, accidentally aggressed another member of the fleet and lost their expensive incursion ship to CONCORD.

If your safety is not Green, simply click the circle on the top left of your hud and select “Enable Safety.”

You should also set your account to auto-reject duel invites.
When you enter a duel, logi are unable to rep you due to flags and combat timers.
To avoid accidentally entering a duel, you can block duels from ever coming up on your screen.
From the settings menu (accessed using the Esc key), go to General Settings, and halfway down the left side find the dueling section.
Simply check the box to block duel invites.

Drone Settings

Whenever you are in a Nova Prospects Incursions Fleet, your drones need to be set to Passive and Focus Fire.
You will be assisting your drones to another pilot, and these settings help this pilot control your drones.

Ships & Fittings

To fly and take part in our fleets you will need a fully fitted ship! Not only that but you need to make sure that the fit/ship meets our minimum requirements to join fleet.

These requirements and the fits required can be found in our in-game fitting channel “NPI Fits” and also viewed on our website here.

That means that your guns should be firing, missiles launching, drones going out, and prop mod burning whenever these actions are appropriate. Most importantly, it is crucial that your Shield Hardeners be actively cycling and staggered whenever you are in space.

In order for an FC to send you an invite, you must have a valid fit that meets minimum requirements. If it doesn’t, then the FC will assist you in fitting to meet these requirements. Occasionally, however, our FCs make mistakes and allow invalid fits that other FCs will catch later. Just because you got in last time does not mean that your fit is correct.


For you to communicate effectively with the fleet, you must learn how to broadcast properly. Furthermore, you must be able to see broadcasts, as Commanders use them for communication as well.

Sending Broadcasts

There are three main broadcasts that you should know: ShieldCapacitor, and In Position.
The buttons for these broadcasts can always be found at the bottom of your fleet window.
If you don’t see a row of broadcast buttons, click the two little arrows in the bottom right corner of the fleet window.

You should broadcast for Shield when the Sansha first target you.

  • Denoted by yellow boxes around the Sansha icons.
  • A loss due to failure to broadcast for shield on time is considered a non-SRPable loss.
  • You should broadcast for Capacitor if your capacitor falls below 30% or targeted by Outuni Mesens.
    • We set an alarm for this earlier
    • Do not broadcast for capacitor if there are Outunis on the field and you do not have aggro. The person who has aggro needs it far more than you, due to dangerous Outuni neutralizers.
  • You should broadcast In Position if you no longer have aggression or no longer need capacitor.
    • When the Sansha ships icons changed from yellow box to red box back to yellow box, you no longer have aggression.
    • When your capacitor is greater than 70%, you no longer need capacitor.
    • If you broadcasted for both, then no longer need one, broadcast In Position, wait one second, and broadcast for whichever you need.
      • E.g. you have Outuni aggro, you broadcast for both shield and capacitor. Outunis die, you have >70% capacitor, but still hold aggression. Broadcast In Position, wait one second, then broadcast for Shield.

We discourage the use of hotkeys due to unreliability, while the fleet window buttons are 100% reliable, and we absolutely want every new pilot to use fleet window buttons instead of hotkeys.

However, if you use hotkeys at your own risk, increase reliability by ensuring you do not have a window active (click in space) before pressing the hotkey. Furthermore, verify that your broadcast went through by looking in the Fleet History window. If you do not see your broadcast, the Logi do not see it either.

Note that utilizing this method does not make Hotkeys 100% reliable. Using hotkeys is not an excuse for failure to broadcast on time. If this becomes a problem, we’d recommend to just use the fleet window buttons for broadcasting.

Basic Roles

There are three basic roles in our fleet that you will automatically be grouped in: Short-range DPSLong-range Sniper, and Logistics Cruisers.
Logi is self-explanatory, you’re flying either a Basilisk or a Scimitar and providing reps to the fleet.
DPS and Snipers are the offensive part of the fleet, and you’re classified based on what guns you have fitted to your ship. What tags you target are based on whether you’re classified as a DPS or Sniper ship.


  • Long-range Snipers
    • Projectile Artillery and Lasers
    • Targets are lettered tags: ABC, …, HI
      • Do not shoot tag X
    • Keep at range 1,000m on AAA
  • Short-range DPS
    • Hybrid Blasters, Drone Boats, and all types of Missiles
    • Targets are numbered tags: 123, …, 9XYZ
    • Keep at range 1,000m on AAA
  • Logistics Cruisers

If there are none of your tag type remaining on grid, then shoot the other. I.e. DPS shoot numbers then letters, Snipers shoot letters then numbers.

Do not ever shoot tag J. This is used to designate a target that, if killed, would put fleet safety in jeopardy.
Shooting tag J is a valid reason to get a kick from fleet!

Specialized Fleet Roles

Certain pilots within the fleet have specialized roles.
These roles include FC, LC, Anchors, Drone Bunny, MTAC (only in assaults), and Boosters, and are assigned by the FC of the fleet, but it’s most commonly volunteer-based.
If you have interest in these roles, read the guides and volunteer! Guides can be found by clicking the links below or in fleet chat.
We’re always willing to teach these roles, and if you ever want to be a Fleet Commander or Logistics Commander, best thing to do to get our attention is to take these roles whenever possible!

  • FC: Fleet Commander – Gives commands to the fleet, be sure to listen!
  • LC: Logistics Commander – Responsible for the Basi Cap Chain and keeping you alive!
  • AAA: Sniper & Logi Anchor – If you’re a sniper, keep at range 1,000m; if you’re logi, orbit at 5km.
  • VVV: Short-range DPS Anchor – if you’re a short-range DPS ship, keep at range 1,000m. If no HHH is present, assist your heavy drones to this person. (this doesnt apply to Vanguards)
  • DDD: Drone Bunny – Assist your light drones to this person. In vanguards you assist all drones to your DDD.
  • HHH: Heavy Drone Bunny – Assist your medium & heavy drones to this person. (this doesnt apply to Vanguards)
  • MTAC: Performs a specific job in the relevant Assault site.


What do you with your drones?

  • Light Drones will be assisted to the DDD
    • Acolytes, Hobgoblins, Warriors etc.
  • Medium & Heavy Drones will be assisted to the HHH
    • Ogres, Berserkers, Geckos, Hammerheads etc.
  • If you have multiple flights of different size, lighter is usually better, except for tower bashes in which you use your biggest, baddest drones

You assist your drones by Right Clicking on your Drones in Local Space > Assist Watchlist [Pilot Name].

A pilot can only have 50 drones assisted to him/her.

If the DDD or HHH is full, then assist to the VVV.


The fleet watchlist is a very important tool to every pilot.

To get this watchlist started, right click on your anchor in the Fleet MOTD (under Fleet Roles, AAA/VVV depending on Sniper/DPS respectively), go to Fleet > Add to Watchlist.
This should open up your watchlist window, and place it somewhere accessible.
You can click and drag other names into this watchlist as well, and it’s recommended that you should at least have your AnchorDrone Bunny, and FC in your watchlist.

For Vanguards you can add all fleet members to your watchlist, we suggest colour coding them so you know who is who when you are on a grid. If you notice for example your green logistics player is missing you know you should worry a little :D

From there, you’re able to easily right click on the name, keep at range > 5,000m, or whatever you need to do to anchor.
Furthermore, when assisting drones, this adds a “Watchlist” submenu so you can easily assist your drones as well.

Ship Replacement Program

Nova Prospects incursions offers a Ship Replacement Program (SRP) to its pilots. (the same thing applies for WTM fleets aswell when you transition over).
SRP is like an insurance policy that covers the loss of your ship if the loss is not your fault:

  • 15 Million – Up to 4 billion isk.

Examples (but not limited to) of SRPable loss:

  • FC Error (sometimes FCs mess up)
  • Logi Error

Examples (but not limited to) of non-SRPable loss:

  • Failure to broadcast on time
  • Taking a gate without FC permission (called “leeroying”)
  • Being CONCORDed (Please make sure your safety is set to green)
  • Having a killright or wardec (please take care of those before joining fleet)

Ganks are covered as long as you follow the FCs commands.

In short, if you follow FC commands and broadcast on time, your ship will be covered.
Note that your ship must meet our minimum requirements to be covered by SRP.

Your SRP payment covers you from the time you pay until the next Down Time (DT-1100 server time).
You may leave fleet and rejoin as many times as you wish during this time without having to repay every time you join fleet.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well how do you sign up?

Simply send the desired amount of coverage (15 million) to the In-Game corporation with the name of “Nova Prospects SRP“.
This corporation will be linked in the fleet MOTD.
This is the only official NPI SRP corporation and the only one you should trust.
If in doubt check the CEO name for “Vex Mahyisti.” NPI is not held responsible for scammers, although if one appears, please report it to a NPI Officer or a member of Leadership.