Specific Role Guides

For vanguards generally there will only have either a DDD or HHH not both.

Drone Bunny Role (DDD)

The DDD is the person responsible for killing all the frigates on the field. As soon as you land, people assign drones to you up to a maximum of 50 drones. Most of these drones are light drones, which are fast and able to reach any target you attack quickly. Your objective is to kill the frigates as fast as you can, especially those frigates that do bad things to the fleet, namely ECM, Points (Scrams) and Webs. To help you with your task, your fleet members will provide you with Remote Sensor Boosters (“resebos”) to increase your lock speed and remote tracking computers (“links”) to boost your gun tracking and range.

You cannot directly instruct the 50 assigned drones to attack a particular target, but instead they follow your shots and attack what you attack. They will follow whatever aggressive module you last activated on a target (this includes your guns, webs, or paints) and attack that same target.

Initial tips:

  • If you receive more drones assisted to you, stop the cycle on an aggressive module and re-activate it on the same target to engage the remaining drones.
  • Minimize drone travel time and wasted DPS by keeping them on one target as long as possible.
  • Once a target dies, quickly activate one or more modules on a new target to send the drones there.
  • You can split your guns into multiple stacks, or even use 1 gun specifically for directing drones.
  • Strategically time and minimize your ship movements to optimize your tracking against frigates as they are small targets. It is better to pick a few places to stop and shoot from rather than try to chase down each target individually.
  • Always follow directions from your FC. In particular, the command “Full fleet shoot the XXX” includes you, the Drone Bunny, unless otherwise directed.
  • YOU WANT 50 DRONES AT ALL TIMES TO MAXIMIZE YOUR DPS. (Ask for more drones if you think you aren’t capped at 50.

HHH Guide

As HHH, the fleet will assign their medium and heavy drones to you. The best way to apply the damage of these drones is to shoot DPS targets that aren’t shot by the rest of fleet.
This way, the drones can spend more time shooting something and less time burning between targets.
Although the Vindicator is the best ship for this job because you have webs, good tracking, and high damage, in practice any DPS ship can do this job adequately.
For vanguards you will assign your drones to another praxis.

If the FC asks you to do something different, listen to FC instead of this guide.

CCC Guide

The CCC, or “Cap Chain Coordinator” is responsible for setting the cap chain for the Basilisks and keeping track of free combat caps for the FC.

CCC’s Duties are:

  • Set Up and Update Cap Chain
  • Assign Remote Sensor Booster Targets
  • Inform FC about the number of Combat Caps

Setting up the cap chain is straightforward.
You transcribe the names from Basi chat in the same order they are on the right of the chat window.

Then put the Logi level to the left of each pilot’s name.
The color (combat cap status) of each pilot depends on the person below them.
By default, that number is blue.
However, every Logi 4 pilot needs a second permacap from the person above them, so above every Logi 4 pilot make the number for that person red.
Also remember that the list wraps around, top to bottom; if the Logi 4 is at the top of the list, the person at the bottom is red.

Generally for Vanguards as we are running small numbers only pilots with Logi 5 will be accepted but this is at the FC discretion.

What to do if the cap chain breaks?

At some point the cap chain may break down for some reason.
This may happen when a Basi is stuck on a gate, died in the middle of a site, DC’d, or is being jammed for a prolonged period of time.
Whatever the reason, the fix is the same:

Step 1) Don’t Panic
Step 2) Find out who is unstable: this can be done by doing a stability check in Basi chat.
In most cases the CCC will organise a stability check by requesting it on comms and in fleet by writing some thing like the following:
“————STABILITY CHECK———–” some will just put “———————-” a break line and then you will see people writing either “s” for stable or “-s” for not stable.
Step 3) Fix the issue- they are either unstable because their incoming permacap from below is gone or they are an Logi 4 pilot who is now missing a cap from above.
Step 4) If all else fails have the whole chain send 1 cap up 1 cap down while the issue is resolved until a new chain can be made.

If at any point in the process of sorting out the cap chain issues you have a pilot not responding to you, feel free to call them out on comms to check basi chat.

If a Basi is jammed, “Cap Around” them and have the person below them put a combat cap on the person above the jammed pilot.
If a Basi is being neuted, they should type ‘NNN’ in BasiChat, broadcast for cap, and have their cap buddy put their combat cap on them as well as the standard cap chain permacap.
Do not broadcast for cap if there are Outunis neuting other targets.

The CCC will also be in charge of ensuring the FC always knows how many combat caps are in the fleet.
This is as simple as counting the number of pilots listed in blue or by counting the number of “5s” in the basi chat MOTD.